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Filling up of vacancies on deputation in Centre for Excellence in Postal Technology.
     The Center for Excellence in Postal Technology (CEPT), functioning from the serene Campus of Postal Training Centre, Mysore has come of age. It is the testimony of Department’s endeavor of leveraging technology to achieve excellence in Postal Services in the form of a Technology Center.

     To put things in perspective, what CEPT today is nothing but realization of a dream of a team of enthusiastic and committed officials of the Department who believed that induction of technology can enable the 150 year old Post Office to change its profile to meet the challenges of the changing environment.

     Technology has always dictated and lead the change in the way things are done or need to be done. The Department of Posts is not an exception. The journey of CEPT began when “Meghdoot” was born at the Software Development Centre of PTC, Mysore. Today Meghdoot software is one of the most precious technology tool offered by CEPT to the Post Offices across the country. Meghdoot is perhaps an unparallel and un-precedented example of successful IT intervention and Technology Management by a Government Department for improving its services. The success of this technology endeavor was purely based on the fact that Meghdoot was our own product developed by our own personnel. This facilitated acceptance and internalization of the software by the entire Postal operation system easily. Hence, what began as a small initiative way back in 1996-98 necessitated a need to have a full fledged Center for Excellence in Postal Technology very aptly located and inaugurated in 2009 in the same campus where Meghdoot was born.  More....
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